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The Film Tuition International Festival

November 11-12, 2023

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JULY 01, 2023


*Two classes per week


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The main focus of this course will be on mastering the process of storytelling for screen. Students will master the craft of screenplay writing, dialogue writing, directing the actors, sound design, art direction, visuals, editing, and color grading for films and documentaries. Each student will produce a video montage, music video, and a short-film either adapted from an already published material or a short-film or short-documentary originally written by the student.




Online Course FILM PRODUCTION Recommended for aspiring filmmakers and content creators.

This course will provide the students with the basic and advanced knowledge of writing interesting screenplays. The course will enhance the ability of creative thinking and imagination in students as far as Screenwriting is concerned. The students will learn different techniques in creating interesting situations and scenes to keep the audience engaged throughout in their work. The assignments will include the writing of scenes, characters, situations, dialogues, ideas, subtext and an industry-ready feature length screenplay at the end of this course.




Online Course Screenwriting Recommended for aspiring filmmakers, writers & screenwriters eager to think out of the box.

The course will facilitate fundamental understanding of cinema history and its role in society. It will enable the students to develop the necessary skills to critically analyze and study films as art works. The course will encourage critical thinking in the students while also developing a respect for cultural diversity as they become acquainted with it through the means of cinema. After completing this course, students will have a strong knowledge of Theoretical Frameworks and Academic Writing.




Online Course FILM THEORY Recommended for aspiring filmmakers and people looking forward to get into a film school.

For details, visit festival's official website

 Submissions are open for the following categories:

 Narrative Feature

 Documentary Feature

 Animated Feature

 Narrative Short

 Documentary Short

 Animated Short




 Music Videos

 Screenplay for Narrative Feature

 Screenplay for Narrative Short

The Film Tuition International Festival

The Film Tuition International Festival is one the most prestigious film festival that will be celebrated in Islamabad, Pakistan in the mid of November this year. The festival aims to provide a platform for both emerging and established filmmakers to showcase their creative vision and connect with a diverse audience. This festival is a reflection of the rich and dynamic film culture in Pakistan and aims to showcase the diversity of cinematic storytelling from around the world.

Who Are We?

The Film Tuition has been dedicated to the education of filmmakers, content creators and performing artists since 2020. The Film Tuition is a brainchild of Hassan Ahmed Raja who believes that the artists, especially in Pakistan, need more platforms to learn film and performing arts to become the ace of their fields and to compete in the global market. After teaching film for more than 5 years to MPhil and Bachelor’s level degree students under two of the best art institutions in South Asia, he made a platform for aspiring filmmakers and performing artists to polish their skills through affordable short courses.


Every artist needs guidance to reach their full potential. We groom the passionate artist in you towards success. The Film Tuition aims to offer a unique and extensive expertise bringing you some of the best professional education and training in the film and performing arts industry at a very affordable price.


Every artist needs guidance to reach their full potential and the courses offered at The Film Tuition groom the passionate artist in students towards success. The Film Tuition aims to offer a unique and extensive expertise bringing you some of the best professional education and training in the film and performing arts industry at a very affordable price. The Film Tuition is currently offering 16 weeks duration short courses in Film Production, Screenwriting, Film Studies (film theory and analysis), Video and Film Editing, and Acting to aspiring filmmakers and actors worldwide through online classes and studio classes in Islamabad. After completing the courses, the students receive certificates for successfully completing the courses.


After completing the course, each student will have individual portfolio items to add to their portfolio which will have a strong impact either they’re apply for work in the field or applying at an institution. We’ll provide a certificate of finishing the tuition after all the requirements are fulfilled and we’ll also provide a recommendation letter for the institutions. We assure you that filmmaking would never have looked more easier to you after finishing your short course with us.



An artist who thinks that life keeps on moving by learning something new every day. A creative who believes in creating originals. A performing artist who forgets himself while performing. A hard worker who believes that nothing is impossible if done with passion and hard work.


Hassan Ahmed Raja is an awards winning filmmaker, actor, multimedia artist, and film educator currently based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is a post-graduate in Multimedia Arts (Film Major) from National College of Arts, Lahore with a Distinction. Since then, he has worked with various advertising companies and clients as a photographer, designer, writer, and filmmaker as an employee and freelancer. He started teaching film courses to Master of Multimedia Arts degree students at National College of Arts, Lahore in early 2017 as a visiting faculty member. Later, he joined a college in Islamabad as a visiting faculty member and taught film courses to BA(Hons) Film & Digital Arts and BA(Hons) Interactive Media degree students under University for the Creative Arts UK and a few film courses to HND Creative Media Production for Pearson UK for four years.


His journey towards filmmaking and performing arts started early in his childhood when he started writing and recording improvised short stories in audio cassettes. He started doing theatre in 2007 which he considers was the main source of inspiration to turn him into a filmmaker and performing artist. He has performed on stage as an actor, dancer, and vocalist with many renowned performing artists since his first exposure to the stage. Additionally, he has acted in various short-films as a leading and supporting actor.


His short film "KOOFAY" bagged two awards and two nominations at LUMS International Film Festival in February 2017 (Winner: Best Short Film, Best Sound Design; Nomination: Best Visuals, Best Actor). He has collaborated with a few Youtubers in the recent past including a UK based Pakistani filmmaker for a travel documentary as a creative director, and comedian Danish Ali as an actor and writer. In October 2021, he was officially selected as an International Jury Member at Motion Pictures International Film Festival along with 7 other renowned filmmakers from all over the world. With his experience as a Jury member at an internationally recognized film festival and the flourishing reputation of The Film Tuition has led him to establish an international film festival in April 2023 called "The Film Tuition International Festival" furthering his commitment to the cinematic arts. The Film Tuition International Festival is currently taking submissions from all over the world via Film Freeway and is scheduled to be celebrated by the end of December this year in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Hassan aims to teach and deliver all his knowledge, learnings, and skills that he gained in the last 13 years as a filmmaker and performing artist in the short courses offered at The Film Tuition. He believes in becoming a mentor more than being just a teacher.

Hassan Ahmed Raja


Flat 6, 3rd Floor, P-32, Ataas Arcade, Commercial Center, Phase 1, Pakistan Town, Islamabad, Pakistan

+92 303 736 6611

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